Here’s my throw down on pasta

Short story: fake it with shredded vegetables or at least eat whole-wheat pasta instead of white pasta. On a diet? Then try the shirataki noodles, LCHF* version of pasta (at your own risk) or even better, use bean sprouts.

Long version of the story and more explanations:

If you have any sort of goal with your body then you should know that food needs to be nutritious and good for you, not just taste good.

  1. Regular white pasta
    • Might as well eat cardboard
    • Lots of calories, mostly simple carbs, almost no nutritional value
    • If you need the energy of simple carbs, eat a fruit
  1. Whole-wheat pasta
    • Better than white pasta, more fiber and better carbs, but still high in calories and carbs
    • Just make sure it’s the real deal (should contain “whole/stoneground/oats of [grain name]” . Otherwise it’s just  white pasta with a paint job
    • Enable portion control
  1. Pasta advertised as low carbs (usually in LCHF* diets)
    • Advertisement says most of the carbs of this pasta can’t be digested
    • Mixed opinions about this, some people say it’s indeed just few carbs, others that it’s a hoax. I’ll be on the fence until further research.
    • Preferably, cook only as much as you will eat now. If you must cook more, then store the pasta in a separate container from the sauce&other ingredients
    • Acids (such as the tomato sauce) will make the pasta digestible. So don’t cook the pasta with the sauce, add sauce at the end.
    • High in fiber, tastes like regular pasta
  1.  Shirataki noodles
    • Rinse under cold running water to remove odor
    • The version with tofu has more protein and taste
    • My tongue says the simple version is tasteless. But my tongue is not trustworthy since it says chocolate mudcake is the best.thing.ever
    • Poor nutritional values
    • Good if you want to lose weight and eat noodles
  1. “Pasta” made of shredded vegetables
    • If you’re not counting every single carb then you can use a vegetable shredder, shred some zucchinis lengthwise and fry them a bit in olive oil with salt&pepper
    • You can use most vegetable like this
    • Dig in!

[Update on August 2013]

  1. Bean sprouts
  • The LCHF diet is being replaced by the raw food movement *2
  • Use beans sprouts to replace pasta
  • Sprouts are low caloric but nutritional dense (more info here)


*LCHF is a diet where you eat things with low carbs & high fat

*2 the raw diet is where you eat things unprocessed (as much as possible close to the real form of the plant)

All things considered, if you live a healthy life then you can have white pasta from time to time and you’ll be fine. You can have basically anything in moderation.


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