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Swedish – Toast skagen

The Swedish toast skagen is a small starter based on prawn and fish roe on a toast fried in butter with between 351-564kcal and 24g of fat (depending on how much mayo and butter you use).

Replaced now with a full meal, a big salad with tones of content for just 260kcal at just 5g fat, 38g of protein and 17g carbs done in 10min

Ingredientsskagen salad

1big lettuce

100g shrimps/prawns (fresh, packed in water)

150g kvarg/greek yoghurt (any high protein, no flavour yoghurt like kesella, skyr)

40g of fish roe (fish eggs)

1 small red onion

1/2 juice from a lime

1-2 tea spoon of fresh dill

How to

mix shrimp, kvarg/yoghurt, fish roe, lime juice, chopped onion and dill and serve on top of the lettuce

Dig in!