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Gym essentials and suggestions

I work out 5 times a week, inside a gym, mostly during lunch time (1 hour and 10 min. for workout and lunch food).

Along the time I learned how to make my life easier and be efficient. I`ll update this list when I find the next great thing.

Here are my general suggestions:

      1. Get a membership to the closest gym to your work place/home
      2. Get a music player (something small) and put on music/stand-up comedy/audio books
      3. Have a complete set of gym clothes * how many times you want to workout. After laundry, put in a separate plastic bag each set of clothes+underwear+socks for easy grab and go during the week.

clothes for 5 days workout

      1. Cotton is not your friend, it soaks in the sweat, becomes heavy and doesn’t let body heat transfer. Try to buy moisture-wicking fabrics instead of cotton. Do not use softener when washing the moisture-wicking clothes.
      2. Sometimes, you can use the same pants twice (just make sure to hang them to air dry)
      3. If you work out during lunch, leave your toiletry bag and sneakers in the work office overnight
      4. Get a lock with code for the locker, not with a key
      5. Get a small water bottle (250ml) and refill it
      6. Towel
        1.  buy a camping towel (microfiber towel)
          1. it will dry fast
          2. it absorbs water faster than normal towels
          3. it’s lightweight and compact
          4. If you workout during lunch : find a place at work to hang the towel
          5. You can have 1 towel that you wash 1 time per week
          6. When washing it, don’t use softener, it will make it soak less water
      7. Get a hanging toiletry bag
        1. It’s great to organize your things, especially if your gym bag does not have many compartments
        2. If you have medium/long hair, always put extra hair rubber bands in your bag
      8. Hygiene
        1. You can use shampoo/shower gel to wash your hair&body
        2. Unless you worked up a big sweat, then you can use dry shampoo to freshen up your hair
        3. Buy trial/travel size shampoo/shower gel
        4. Budget version : buy a big bottle of shower gel/shampoo/body lotion and fill in smaller bottles
        5. If you buy flagrance shower gel/shampoo then you might not need perfume (or you can get a mini atomizer bottle and fill in with your perfume, or buy mini-perfume bottles)
      9. Make-up:
        1. To save time, put make-up on in the morning. Take shower but do not wet your face. Use makeup remover wiper to take sweat off, but do not touch eye makeup.
        2. Get a face cream with a pump dispenser
      10. Food:
        1. Make/buy food for next day`s lunch
        2. Sandwiches/wraps can be easily made and eaten at your desk
        3. If you get a quick workout then you`ll have time to eat in the office`s kitchen
      11. Clothes:
        1. The easiest to take off and put back on is a over-the-head dress
        2. Tight jeans after a quick shower aren’t easy to put on.

What have I left out?

And what suggestions do you have?

I updated this on 27 Sept. 2012 🙂