Monthly Archives: October 2010

Why you should hire inexperienced people

I was searching for a job as a Junior Project Manager in IT and got frustrated with the requirement of having 5+ years of experience.

Why (I think) companies should hire non-experienced Juniors:

  • Can’t have 5+ years of experience of Project Management when I’m young and just finished my master degree (unless you count the management of my umbilical cord 23 years ago and then I should apply for Senior positions).
  • Inexperienced people have something to prove and they will pay attention to you, research ways to improve the work and they will fall for the office pranks easier (increasing the quality of the environment and lowering the stress of the other employees)
  • Inexperienced people are a tabula rasa when it comes to the company’s (boss’s) needs, desired and way of doing things. So it will be very easy to potty-train one, instead of trying to overwrite.
  • Young and inexperienced people are fun to have around, energetic and workaholics
  • And they have many other fun features, that you’ll discover only by hiring one

Bottom-line, give us a chance.