Use sketching to make yourself understood

In my job I am required to explain my thoughts and ideas to other people. I’m nothing close to a UI designer but I use simple sketching while explaining and it worked every time. 

A whiteboard is my best friend but paper, napkins, your white shirt and other people’s faces work just as well. 

When sketching is useful :

  • When explaining things to someone
  • While thinking
  • While planning (to take over the world)
  • While having sex, to explain to your lover what they should do to you

No special skills are required for sketching

Sketching is more like doodling than like drawing and anybody can do it.
If you can sketch a line and a circle then you can sketch anything.
Don’t believe me ? try this exercise :
  1. Open a web browser
  2. Sketch the web browser
  3. Ask a user interface designer/someone you think should be good at sketching to sketch the same thing
  4. Compare and observe that the results aren`t very different
  5. Mock the other guy for not doing a much better job than you

Words are not always enough

Descriptions can miss info&details, people can be bad at explaining what they mean etc.
Again don’t believe me?
Grab pen and paper and sketch this : 3 circles (small, medium and a big one). In one of the circles there are 3 apples.
Two of the circles intersect.
Now look here what picture I had in my mind
In my text description I did not mention which circles intersect, which circle contains the apples or that the apples are red. Oups!

How to sketch your idea

  1. Follow the logical flow/scenario of how your idea would work
    1. Example > if you sketch a “forgot password” then you sketch first the home page, then sketch how the user would access “forgot password” and only last you sketch your new idea of the “forgot password” functionality.
  2. Sketch the context in which your idea fits. Having the object or an image of the context in front of you helps
  3. Sketch first the known & existing things/functionality, in very general details
    1. Example > if you want a “forgot password” button then sketch a web browser and the general things found on the page
  4. Sketch your idea, while explaining it
  5. Your main point/focus should be sketched in more details than anything else, to have peoples’ focus on it

Here’s an example of a password recovery sketch.

General suggestion

  • Use A4 paper, not notebook(papers you can move around, put in different order)
  • Do not use colors (they distract people from the functionality. But can be used on important details)
  • Erasers, tippex and things that cover mistakes are useful
  • Apps like GeniusScan+ for iPhone can be helpful to upload your sketches online
  • Apps like Whiteport can be useful for showing scenarios and telling user stories

Shapes tips&tricks


  1. Put the pen down on the paper (start from a static arm position)
  2. Plan to end the movement after you ended the line
  3. Start to draw the line
  4. Lift the pen off the paper, but the arm movement continues a bit longer

Tip : For short lines use only fingers/hand. For long lines use full arm. 

Tip : Use a dotted line as separator or to show hidden objects.


If you want the arrow to point from A to B then sketch the line starting from B to A. 


  1. Sketch a square out of 4 lines
  2. Do not sketch with one continuous movement
  3. Start with the upper left corner

Tip : for squares with rounded corners just cut the corners with a line.


  1. Do a circle in the air before starting on paper
  2. Just like with lines, lift the pen off the paper but continue the movement

Text and alignment

  1. Sketch 3-4 thin rectangles close to each other
  2. Optional : sketch a wavy line inside the rectangles

Shadow and depth

  • Use to emphasize something
  • Use to show depth
  • Use to show something has a background
  • Draw tiny lines, close to each other around 2 sides of the object

Swedish – Toast skagen

The Swedish toast skagen is a small starter based on prawn and fish roe on a toast fried in butter with between 351-564kcal and 24g of fat (depending on how much mayo and butter you use).

Replaced now with a full meal, a big salad with tones of content for just 260kcal at just 5g fat, 38g of protein and 17g carbs done in 10min

Ingredientsskagen salad

1big lettuce

100g shrimps/prawns (fresh, packed in water)

150g kvarg/greek yoghurt (any high protein, no flavour yoghurt like kesella, skyr)

40g of fish roe (fish eggs)

1 small red onion

1/2 juice from a lime

1-2 tea spoon of fresh dill

How to

mix shrimp, kvarg/yoghurt, fish roe, lime juice, chopped onion and dill and serve on top of the lettuce

Dig in!


You’re an omnivore, so act like it

We all know it’s important to eat healthy and varied. So while I was focusing on healthy, I mistakenly thought I eat varied.
A glass of milk, a butter+cheese and ham sandwich , a beef steak with sweet potato sounds like a big variety in a day. Guess what, you only ate cow, whey and sweet potato!
The variety must come from the variety of the food source, not just from the variety of how something is prepared (milk, butter, cheese, beef steak are one source: cow).

How would real variety looks like for my dinner (this week)

Monday: Baked red beets with (goat) chevre cheese and white fish file
(in a tray stack the slices ready boiled red beets, white fish file and chevre cheese. bake for about 30minutes)

Tuesday: Mixed fresh salad with 2 boiled eggs and red kidney beans
(1 cucumber, 1 salad mix, 1 onion, 5 mushrooms, half red bell pepper, kidney beans, 2 boiled eggs)

Wednesday: Baked celery root&carrots with beef steak
(in a baking tray put the sliced celery root, carrots and beef steak. Season with any spices you want. Baked for 30-45min)

Thursday: Mixed fresh salad with salmon and kvarg
(mix kvarg+juice from a lemon. Place salmon in a deep small baking tray and cover with the kvarg+lemon. Bake for 30-45min. Mix salad 1 cucumber, 1 salad mix, 1 onion, 5 mushrooms, half red bell pepper)

My shopping list:
Everything ecological

2 Salad green leafs mixes
2 Small Cucumbers
1 package Ready-boiled red beets
6 Carrots
1 Celery root
Bag of Onions
10 mushrooms
1 red bell pepper
1 can of boiled red beans
3 lemons

100g chevre goat cheese
200g white fish
200g beef file
200g salmon
1 kvarg (also called Icelandic yogurt, anything high in protein)

P.S. on Friday I throw out the window all my healthy habits of living long and prosper and eat myself into a carb induces blissful coma

80%diet 20%exercise

The problem with your weight is not that you’re not exercising, it’s what and how much you eat.

You can be slim or normal weight and happy by not exercising a day in your life. This is because how you look and feel is 80% influenced by what you eat and drink.

It’s incredibly hard to out-exercise bad eating habits, I tried to live off steak, fries and cake, it ended up with me being anemic and chubby. Then I went on a healthy diet and remained chubby because I was eating too much.

However, exercise is what determines your body composition(muscles, fat, bone % etc.) and how you look.

Here’s an example of the same person, same healthy weight, same height, one not exercising and one exercising.

The type of exercise you do also influences how you look, here’s what a marathon runner looks like compared to how a sprint runner looks like.

80% diet and 20% exercising, so put most effort in healthy eating and drinking in sensible amounts and you’ll see better results and won’t be exhausted.


I run for cake and bacon.

bye faithful asics nimbus 10, hello shiny new asics nimbus 15

bye faithful asics nimbus 10, hello shiny new asics nimbus 15


Running to or from work ?

I bought a running backpack and I started running to work. Blending the workout with the necessity to get to work, I like this double win!

In the office I keep the toiletries, a towel and office shoes along with breakfast.

In the backpack I bring the office clothes for the day. This backpack has a water reservoir with a drinking valve.

I plan on experimenting with running from work home and eventually building up to run to and from work. And I’ll report back my findings.

Osprey Verve 5 backpack


Meet cold water after 15km run on a hot day

16km run

Went for a run around a lake, during lunch time. After 15 km decided to stop and get my arms into cold water. My phone accidentally recorded a video while being in my pants.

Here’s a bit of what it sounds like

Requirement’s studio

How to use design studio for requirement’s analysis

Tip: click on the first picture and you’ll get a slideshow.

Do you want this in a ppt ? Here you go requirement-studio